Seller's Message: Gold is out of Ghana. The cost is a flat fee of $48,000 per 100 KG. The gold goes from the mine to the local refinery where it is purified to about 92.9% purity. It is then cast into Dore bricks. The government of Ghana will attach a refinery representative and fly the gold to the buyer's country where the buyer must be prepared to bring it through customs. It is then sent via security to the buyer's refinery where is is assayed. From this second assay report the seller sends a Corporate Invoice to the buyer and expects payment within 48 hours. 

100 KG per Month (MOQ)

Discount: $48,000 divided by todays price of $63,950 equals 75% cost and a 25% gross discount.

Commodity: Au/Gold Dore Production Gold
Country of Origin: Ghana
Delivery: CIF to a refinery of your choice
Price: $48,000
Contract Amount: 100 KG delivery per month and can scale up.
Packaging: International Standard Metallic Export Package Boxes.
Commission: Total $1,500 (about 3% Commission) split equally between the buyer brokers starting with Glow79 representative Tony Locke. Seller shall pay all the Commissions. All parties shall receive their payment before ownership is transferred to Buyer.

Other items are open for negotiation

A test purchase is permitted.

SOP & Delivery Procedures

  1. Procedures for the 1st Delivery9.1 Within max. 10 (ten) working days after signing of the SPA by all involved parties, Seller sends to Buyer the SKR referring to the 1st shipment of 100 kg.

    9.2 Within max 10 (ten) working days upon receipt and successful verification of the SKR by Buyer, Buyer will issue to the bank of Seller’s Financier the Blocked-Funds-Confirmation per MT 799, verbiage according to Appendix 3 to this SPA.

    9.3 Within max. 10 (ten) working days upon receipt of Buyer’s Blocked-Funds-Confirmation per MT 799 by the bank of Seller’s Financier and not later than 3 (three) working days prior to the shipment of cargo Seller presents documents listed under Art. 4.2 to Buyer for the delivery of 100 kg.

    9.4 Seller delivers 100 kg per Air Cargo DAP …Destination… Airport.

    9.5 Upon arrival of the consignment the Buyer/Consignee is responsible for the import of the gold into …Country….

    9.6 There will be issued a RECEIPT DOCUMENT confirming the receipt of the quantity and tested quality, also stating, that the merchandise will remain Seller’s property until full payment has been performed. (APPENDIX 1). This RECEIPT will be sent to Seller by e-Mail immediately upon arrival of the consignment at the destination airport and after finalized import process by the local Customs authorities.

    9.7 The Refinery issues the final Assay Report within max. 4 (four) banking days upon arrival at the airport, of which Seller receives a copy by e-Mail.

    9.8 Seller issues his COMMERCIAL INVOICE to Buyer based on the final Refinery Assay Report and price of $48,000 / 100KG and sends it to the Buyer and to Seller’s Financier by e-Mail.

    9.9 Buyer makes payment per SWIFT MT103 as specified under Art. 6 and 7 to the account of Seller’s Financier not later than 3 (three) banking days after receipt of Seller’s Commercial Invoice.

  2. Procedures for all consecutive Deliveries after the 1st DeliveryThe procedures for the agreed consecutive monthly Deliveries correspond at 100 % to the procedures as defined in Clause 9, Buyer will instruct his bank to increase the amount of the Blocked Funds to US-$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX immediately after Seller has sent the SKR covering 300 kgs Dore Bars ready for the next shipment. Seller’s Financier will inform immediately Seller of the receipt of Buyer’s new MT 799.