Seller's Message: Gold is out of Brazil. No need for an SBLC although it is preferred. Escrow is a possibility. The buyer will have to request their Escrow Agent to issue a RWA/ATV on their behalf to the seller's attorney, for a first verification of funds. There has to be in deposit the value of five tranches. Assuming a 200KG per month schedule the amount in deposit would need to be around USD$50M. This first RWA/ATV must be sent with the buyer's LOI. From there on, every month prior to shipping, a MT799 must be issued from the escrow agent to the seller, once again showing funds on deposit for the amount of five tranches. This will be repeated every month thereafter prior to shipping. This is one of the few escrow SOP options in the market and is non-negotiable. 

200 KG per Month (MOQ)

Gross Discount 12%
Commissions: 3%

Commodity: Au/Gold Dore Production Gold
Country of Origin: Brazil
Delivery: CIF to a refinery of your choice
Price: LBMA minus 12% including the 3% commission (12/9)
Contract Amount: 200 KG delivery per month and can scale up.
Packaging: International Standard Metallic Export Package Boxes.
Commission: Total 3% Commission, shall be split equally between, the Facilitators / mandate of Seller’s side @ 1.5% and Buyer’s side @ 1.5% while the Gold is still with Buyer’s Refinery. Seller shall pay all the Commissions. All parties shall receive their payment before ownership is transferred to Buyer.

Other items are open for negotiation

We  are Ready, Willing and Able to enter into a Sells and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Authorization Letter which enables us to represent you the Buyer and provide Gold from all American with rolls and extensions, according to the following specifications, terms and conditions here under stated.

I, Declared that, the Gold is from Non-Criminal Origin and Free from any liens and encumbrances and I further declared that, the Gold is not from a conflict Zone.