Seller's Message: Gold is out of Brazil. The seller owns 211 mines. After a series of comfort calls and trust building, the seller will request that the buyer's attorney issue an RWA/ATV with an LOI straight to the seller's attorney. This serves as the verification of funds. The buyer could also issue a MT from bank officer to bank officer for verification. No holds are placed. The seller wants to know if the buyer has the strength and stability for a long-term business relationship. The seller requires 1000KG of fiat value. This is how the seller keeps from wasting their time.

Upon receipt of the LOI & ATV, the seller will ship the gold using Ferrari security into a refinery of the buyer’s choice. The seller gets paid after the Assay Report. The buyer allows the seller to travel on the airline with the gold to the refinery, but this seems unnecessary as the gold is delivered CIF and the seller only gets paid after the gold is assayed. 

Repeat buying requires the LOI and the verification of 1000KG of fiat before shipping.

100 KG per Month (MOQ)

Gross Discount 12%

Commodity: Au/Gold Dore Production Gold
Country of Origin: Brazil
Delivery: CIF to a refinery of your choice
Price: LBMA minus 12% including the 3% commission (12/9)
Contract Amount: 100 KG delivery per month and can scale up.
Packaging: International Standard Metallic Export Package Boxes.
Commission: Total 3% Commission, shall be split equally between, the Facilitators / mandate of Seller’s side @ 1.5% and Buyer’s side @ 1.5% while the Gold is still with Buyer’s Refinery. Seller shall pay all the Commissions. All parties shall receive their payment before ownership is transferred to Buyer.

Other items are open for negotiation

A test purchase is permitted.

SOP & Delivery Procedures

  1. Buyer sends LOI with POF to the seller's bank officer. Either of these three POF options are good
    • Swift MT199 showing financial capacity on the entire contract
    • RWA with ATV and a MT799 demonstrating financial capacity on the entire contract
    • Or, send a copy of the updated bank balance containing the full amount for the purchase of the product, duly signed by the buyer and his passport attached.
  2. POF is verified and the SPA is sent.
  3. Just before the gold is shipped the seller asks the bank officers to verify again that the money is there via a non-holding MT799. This will not put a HOLD on Funds, but rather is a final check before shipping to the buyer's refinery. These MT instructions will be in the SPA.
  4. Also just before the gold is sent, the seller sends these documents
    • Two Commercial Invoices to The Buyer
    • Certificate Of Origin and Ownership
    • Air Account
    • Initial Test Report / Analysis Report Certificate
    • Customs Declaration and Request For Release
    • Export License
    • Declaration that the Goods are Free of Charge and not of Criminal Origin or Source (Movement Certificate)
    • Packaging List One (1) Original and Three (3) Copies Declaring Gross and Net Weight And Number of Units
  5. About a week later there is the Assay Report from the buyer's refinery. Based on that report the buyer has 48 hours to pay via MT103 or MT202 to the seller's bank account.
  6. Seller pays the brokers and then releases full ownership to the buyer.